Building Kingdom Business

Get Credit for your business or ministry without using your personal credit.

In mid 2008 I needed office products and other supplies for one of my businesses and did not want to obtain anything using my personal credit. So, I did a lot of research. After many long nights surfing for information on how I could establish business credit, I started applying to some companies. One by one, I was approved for Net30 billing accounts. I obtained credit for my business without using my social security number. Only my EIN was needed.

In 2009, I put a list of vendors together who accept purchase orders and Net10, Net15, and Net30 billing. The list was initially for sale for $21.95. The list is now available for only $19.95. It includes over 100 vendors.

Just for good measure, I’m including FIVE companies here:

As of August 6, 2017, the list is currently being updated to include 50 more vendors.

Everything pictured was purchased through Net30 Vendors without using a Social Security Number.

It took me many hours to get the list together. If you purchase it, it will save you time.

Purchase the list to get started building your business credit today! Email us:

Ayana Elon
Building Kingdom Business
Equipping Business Owners To Serve, Grow, and Prosper


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